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It says "Sorry. That nickname already exists." I am sure it is mine from No Pay Poker.

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454 views asked Jul 19, 2016 in Help Me Please! by sillyrandy2 ( 410 points)

2 Answers

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ask moderator or admin when you playing,,, maybe you can got the best answer.... :D
answered Aug 3, 2016 by bhilingga123 ( 3,880 points)
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Hi, there could be any number of things that are going wrong....

First it is important to understand that there are now two main logins, one for the Q&A site which you are on, and one for the Game site.

Many people are registering at the Q&A site expecting their account details to work on the Game but they dont. You need to create an account on the game site. To do that simply visit the game at http://game.poqery.com and then click the "Sign up for Free" link at the top of that page.

The other thing is to keep in mind that your old NoPayPOKER account is NOT the login for the game or for this Q&A site and someone else may have selected your nickname!

To transfer your balances into Poqery you need to successfully login to the game then visit your account page where you will find a Transfer button. Click that and follow the instructions.

We hope you make it there without difficulty. Best of luck!
answered Jul 19, 2016 by Poqery ( 88,068 points)
i signed up three times now. what a stupid joke.
whos dumb idea was this?
Hi Karldidge, it doesnt matter if you sign up 10 times to the wrong place you wont get in. Make sure you have signed up ON THE GAME!!!! http://game.poqery.com it will have a link which goes to http://game.poqery.com/join

I will guarantee you haven't signed up there yet!
When I first signed up I was able to transfer my nopay freed and bc so your dreaming. I chatted to other players and registered in games.
Site is broken lol.
Sorry, when you said you signed up 3 times it sounds like you haven't gotten in, otherwise why sign up so much? OR did you mean you logged in?

We were definiately having some problems with the game servers before but the situation is much better now. We have only been down once for around 10 minutes in the last 48hrs. Not perfect but we will get there!
hope all the best for this problem.. :D