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I have created account with name and password but when I try to login it says that name or password is wrong.

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331 views asked Jul 19, 2016 in Help Me Please! by sillyrandy2 ( 410 points)

2 Answers

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register the site, the play the games again... :D
answered Aug 3, 2016 by bhilingga123 ( 3,880 points)
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Hey Sillyrandy2, just make sure you are very clear that there are two accounts on Poqery now, one for the Poqery.com Q&A site which you are on and clearly can log into and a different one for the games.

You need to create a game account by visiting the poker page http://game.poqery.com and then hit the link at the top to make a free account. Alternatively make one on this page http://game.poqery.com/join

Sorry for any confusion!
answered Jul 19, 2016 by Poqery ( 88,068 points)
Sillyrandy2 - you have to set up a new account on the new game server at http://game.poqery.com so somebody else could have already registered with your previous username. It doesn't matter if it was yours on NoPayPOKER the usernames have not been copied over.