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How to transfer BCs to NoPayPOKER and from NoPayPOKER to POQERY?

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Great! It’s finally happened, you can now transfer bonus chips back and forth between NoPayPOKER and Poqery.


As you may know, you can earn loads of Bonus Chips at Poqery, now you can transfer them back to NoPayPOKER. Alternatively move some chips from your NoPayPOKER account so you can highlight your questions at Poqery!


Step 1 – GET AN ACCOUNT AT POQERY: open a new account at Poqery here http://poqery.com/register. Make sure you add the domain “poqery.com” into your email safe sender (white list) because you receive an email to validate your account.


Step 2 – LINK YOUR ACCOUNT IN POQERY: After you have logged in go to “My Account -> Transfer BC” you should see the screenshot to the right. Enter your NPP username and NPP password. This will link your accounts so you can do a transfer.






Step 3 – COMPLETE TRANSFER: have a look at the screenshot on the left. You can see there is only one field to fill in! The amount of Bonus Chips you want to transfer. You can then hit the double arrows to change the “From” and “To” accounts, once you are happy hit “Transfer Now” and your Bonus Chips will be instantly transferred between your accounts at Poqery and NoPayPOKER.

Please note: there will be a 10% Bonus Chip fee for any transfer. So for example if you request 1000 Bonus Chips transferred 1000 will be debited in the “From” account and 900 will credit to your “To” account. All transfers are instant and final. So please don’t ask for them to be reversed! Your only option is to then transfer the Bonus Chips back again.

Complete details are also located here with examples.....


asked Nov 10, 2015 in Using This Site by kamraladympr ( 31,912 points)
This is great news!  Those bonus chips we can earn will be wonderful to use in games at NPP.

10 Answers

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very  easy
answered Apr 7, 2016 by JJMILAN ( 18,888 points)
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heartlaughi ke that

answered Feb 13, 2016 by rec2009 ( 13,138 points)
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This is great for those of us who can' deposit.
answered Feb 10, 2016 by trummy ( 4,610 points)
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yaaaaa , i did it , $2200fd = $2000fd to npp ....... woooo whoooo ezzze peezee if the merkin8r can do it you can to .
answered Jan 6, 2016 by merkin8r ( 19,910 points)
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transfered 1k ,  works like it says   ty ty
answered Dec 23, 2015 by chiptrouble ( 13,291 points)
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simply follow directions, even i havedone it and if all else fails ask dani
answered Dec 7, 2015 by seacrittur ( 34,970 points)
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It works :)
answered Nov 18, 2015 by nunoclix ( 32,974 points)
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I tried it and it works !! ty ty ty
answered Nov 11, 2015 by actionjimbo ( 29,947 points)
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awesome thanks for the info
answered Nov 11, 2015 by actionjimbo ( 29,947 points)
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GREAT .... this needs to be permanetly kept at top of questions list !! have had a few players asking  ' IF ' , ' When ' & ' How ' to do BC transfers between sites. will have to try it soon
answered Nov 10, 2015 by SurfRat ( 7,910 points)
me pueden explicar como se usa poqery?