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How do you play Caribbean Stud Poker?

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How do you play Caribbean Stud Poker?
asked Oct 16, 2015 in The Rules by PokerQueen ( 3,405 points)

2 Answers

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your best bet is to stay away from this game.....very poor odds
answered Nov 3, 2015 by actionjimbo ( 29,947 points)
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Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino card game where each player and the dealer receives 5 cards. Each player is playing against the dealer to see who can make the best 5 card poker hand. Play begins with each player making an ante bet.

After the ante is made, 5 cards are dealt to each player and the dealer. The player must determine if they want to continue in the game by making a bet of twice the amount of the ante. If they choose not to play they lose their ante bet and fold their hand.

After all bets are made, then the dealer reveals their hand to determine if their hand qualifies to continue the game. If the dealer has a hand with at least a pair or and Ace and King then they will play against the player. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify as a playable hand then the players who remained in the game receive the amount that they wagered in the ante bet.
answered Oct 16, 2015 by KissMyAce33 ( 3,940 points)