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When Is it time ???????????

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When is it time to really say it's time to go ??
asked Mar 20, 2016 in Help Me Please! by homiej ( 13,614 points)

5 Answers

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when i really really reeeally have to go to the bathroom!!! it is not nice and feel yuks if i dont go.
answered Mar 25, 2016 by camui123 ( 20,983 points)
really really know that feeling
can get messy
uh oh...damn right!
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when my eyes say/go to sleep !.......
answered Mar 20, 2016 by merkin8r ( 19,910 points)
me toooooooooooooooo
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When even the "eye" on your keyboard won't stay open indecision

answered Mar 20, 2016 by KajunSpice ( 52,879 points)
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I keep telling everyone JAD !! I guess small work is things around the house so my Bride wont have them to do when she gets home. However Buddy tells me that letting the dog out (thats Bud ! ) is very very important also. And dont forget the Treart that follows.
answered Mar 20, 2016 by seacrittur ( 34,970 points)
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When your bladder tells you its time?   Seriously, it is never time to leave this site or NPP except for small work, sleep, family, friends and food breaks. So turn that TV off and get back to poker.

answered Mar 20, 2016 by only1dani ( 30,314 points)