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I want to start having home poker games. Anyone have any tips for me?

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I want to start having home poker games. Anyone have any tips for me?
asked Oct 18, 2015 in Strategies by WhiskeyJack ( 9,241 points)

3 Answers

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answers i see great ones ,  supplys , food n drink , n   ide take 25cents a hand to cover part xpenses . limit drinking of alchohal , game could get messy .
answered Nov 20, 2015 by chiptrouble ( 13,291 points)
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Have lots of food on hand! Plenty of food. Oh, something to drink would be good too.
answered Oct 19, 2015 by WallyRob ( 3,801 points)
Yes need lots of Pizza!!! Just sayin...
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1.  Consider the people you want to invite carefully. You want players that will get along well, know the games, are competitive and that you can depend on to show up regularly.
2. Decide how often you want to have the games, this is normally either weekly or monthly.
3. Decide if you want to host the game yourself each time or have players host it on a rotation basis.
4. Determine the stakes you want to play for. While high stakes are always fun not everyone can afford to play them especially on a regular basis. If the stakes are to low many will become bored by the small amount they can win each time. 
4. Most home games I have attended provided snacks and drinks, you will want to consider this also. To keep the cost down remember you do not need to provide a meal just a few snacks and soft drinks. If you want alcoholic drinks you might offer beer and let anyone wanting anything stronger bring their own.
5. Provide a comfortable place to play. This can be the kitchen or dining room table etc. Trying to fit five or more adult players around one small card table is not a good idea.
answered Oct 19, 2015 by TheDubStepper ( 2,450 points)