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What are some strategies for playing speed poker?

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What are some strategies for playing speed poker?
asked Oct 16, 2015 in Strategies by PokerQueen ( 3,405 points)

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Strategy is no different than any poker. however if you can spot  player that tends to be rattled by fast play you have a distinct advantage. ;)
answered May 27, 2017 by enufruf ( 955 points)
selected Jun 21, 2017 by Poqery
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answered Feb 16, 2016 by trummy ( 4,610 points)
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all in all the time
answered Feb 15, 2016 by spooky ( 500 points)
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don't let northender in the game ........... or it would be zzzz poker ........
answered Feb 14, 2016 by merkin8r ( 19,910 points)
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been fast in paly fast poker is the game
answered Feb 14, 2016 by rec2009 ( 13,138 points)
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The truth of the matter is that speed poker isn’t fundamentally different than regular poker as far as poker strategy goes. If you consider what the real differences are, they cash out to your just not waiting around with speed poker like you do with regular poker. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same game.

So when players ask me what sort of strategies they need to play good speed poker, my answer always is, the same kind of good strategies that you should be using in any game of poker, regardless of whether it’s speed poker or not.

Having said that though, players who play speed poker tend to be light on good strategy in general, and you don’t want to count yourself among them. So to help you on your way, I will provide you with some good advice from a poker pro that will help you do better at speed poker.

answered Oct 28, 2015 by pippy ( 5,380 points)