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My account has been logged out. "Someone with the same account has logged in using another computer."

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I have changed my password but the same situation again and again. sad

asked Jul 18, 2016 in Help Me Please! by tymona ( 1,349 points)

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It is probably more to do with the fact that our server isnt stable right now. Every time it crashes and then tries to reconnect it sees you as a new user on the same account.

Given the fact that the service is having problems right now we wouldnt worry too much about the error your browser is throwing up every once in a while.
answered Jul 19, 2016 by Poqery ( 88,068 points)
selected Jul 19, 2016 by tymona
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time will answer that,,, because i believe admin will stabilized server... :D after that,,, the server will be nice, good and fun :D
answered Aug 3, 2016 by bhilingga123 ( 3,880 points)
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Thanks for your answers. So it is only an IT problem, and if I am right the game server is reconnecting frequently because of the same error.
answered Jul 19, 2016 by tymona ( 1,349 points)
yes correct!
Also it makes sense that you always make certain your account's Username is different from your game Nickname. that way nobody can guess what the login details are!
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Don´t worry about that, happen to me also, it happens we keep logged in the site for to long.

answered Jul 18, 2016 by nunoclix ( 32,974 points)