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is there a pippy challange still on ?? if so what is it ??

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54 views asked Nov 25, 2015 in Poker by seacrittur ( 34,970 points)

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There will be a new monthly 5k POQERY BC Challenge. It will start on Nov 1st , run all month with the final being played on Sunday Nov.29th. To be eligible you will need to play one of the Pippy Bounty 500 BC Freerolls. You will need to place in 1st or 2nd spot in one of the games, during the month of Nov.. If a player is already on the list, the spot will go to the 3rd and/or 4th position. Winners will be posted in the mod forum daily during the month. A password to the 5K will than be passed out to each winner. The game will be set in the private table section of the software. Registration and start time to be announced at a later date.
Games will be tracked from the first of month to last saturday of each month. Challenge games will always be on the last Sunday of that month.
answered Nov 26, 2015 by only1dani ( 30,314 points)
selected Nov 27, 2015 by seacrittur
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yes it is and you can read about it in the mods forum
answered Nov 25, 2015 by actionjimbo ( 29,947 points)
Can you tell them where that is AJ?
just click on the link ^^^^^^^
Cheers Buddy!