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in poqery bc game, how many will be able to add chips, if it s not a secret

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312 views asked Nov 13, 2015 in Poker by JJMILAN ( 18,888 points)
Hi JJ, to clarify some of the answers you are receiving do you mean the Poqery BC Challenge game for the winners of the Pippy 500 Bounty BC games or do you mean the Poqery Q&A Party game that plays this Sunday?
for winners in pippy bc game

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We will have to wait and see if Bonus Chips are an option in the Poqery Challenge when it shows up under the private game tab 2 weeks prior to playing.
answered Nov 14, 2015 by only1dani ( 30,314 points)
selected May 2, 2016 by JJMILAN
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When signing up it says no one can add
answered Nov 13, 2015 by actionjimbo ( 29,947 points)