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I can't Login to the Poker Game - Help me!
Last Updated 6 years ago

We are sorry you are experiencing problems logging into the Game site, try the following:

  1. Have you created an account using the "Signup For Free" link at the top of ?
    • The GAME site and Question & Answer site use different account details so make sure you registered a the correct one.
  2. When you registered, did you get a Validation Email from ""?
    • Check your email spam filters. Make sure to whitelist (pre-approve) all emails from ""
  3. Make sure you logging in with your Account USERNAME
    • When you registered you were asked to provide an account USERNAME and player NICKNAME.
    • Your USERNAME is never displayed to other players and it is used to login.
  4. Have you remembered your PASSWORD?
  5. Have you remembered your USERNAME?

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